1. BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING — POLITE & RESPECTFUL to the people around you, the actors and the staff.
  2. BE PATIENT. Everything comes in time.
  3. BE UNDERSTANDING. Accept that they could be having a bad day and/or are in a rush, just like the rest of us. They’re people just like us and they have feelings, and the last thing you want is to hurt them.


  1. DO NOT invade the actors private space. Just because they are public figures doesn’t mean they are okay with people touching them. If they reach out to you (e.g. putting their arms around your shoulders) it’s fine to reach out to them in the same manner but if they don’t keep your hands to yourself. 
  2. DO NOT be a bully and that includes moral and physical violence or harassment.
  3. DO NOT say or do inappropriate things (e.g. no provocative low-cut neckline in the hope the actors might touch your breasts).
  4. DO NOT be a creep. Don’t follow actors around. Respect their privacy – they’re human beings just like you and they deserve their own free time. Don’t find where they live and go there to watch. Don’t get anywhere near their families. It’s okay to bring small gifts every now and then but don’t push it.

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