Stage door is supposed to be a unique experience because it means you may have the chance  to meet your favourite actor or actress and enjoy a wonderful moment with them. And for some people it might be a once in a lifetime chance to meet their idol. So to make sure everyone’s experience is as best as it can be, here is a guide to doing stage door.


  1. LISTEN to the instructions given by the staff. They don’t say those things to be annoying, it’s in everyone’s best interest.
  2. FORM a proper line when queuing. It makes it easier for everyone.
  3. BE AWARE of your surroundings. Most theatres in London have on-street stage doors. There might be cars or people working around you. 
  4. BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING — POLITE & RESPECTFUL to the people around you, the actors and the staff.
  5. BE PATIENT. Everything comes in time.


  1. DO NOT act like you’re alone. There are other people around you so be aware of their personal space. We are all here for the same thing so there is no need to be rude. If one person does something wrong it can be over for everyone.
  2. DO NOT push other people against the barriers.
  3. DO NOT ruin other people’s chances/moment by constantly calling the actors or shoving your programme in their faces.
  4. DO NOT overdo stage door. You are lucky enough to be there but there are other people who might not be able to do it as much as you do.
  5. DO NOT invade the actors private space. Just because they are public figures doesn’t mean they are okay with people touching them. If they reach out to you (e.g. putting their arms around your shoulders) it’s fine to reach out to them in the same manner but if they don’t keep your hands to yourself. 
  6. DO NOT be to greedy. When someone from the staff says it’s either a photo or autograph, don’t ask for both. 
  7. DO NOT bring something that is not show-related for your autograph. The actors might be known for another role but you’re here for something different so it is better to show some support for the play they’re doing. They appreciate it when they see that people are actually interested in the show.
  8. DO NOT say or do inappropriate things (e.g. no provocative low-cut neckline in the hope the actors might touch your breasts).
  9. DO NOT be a creep. It’s okay to be enthusiastic about a show and see a performance several times but it doesn’t mean you have to do stage door every single time. The actors might see it as stalking and you might be forbidden from doing stage door.
  10. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE ACTORS TO LEAVE THE THEARE AND DO NOT FOLLOW THEM OR THEIR CAR. Once stage door is over they are in their own private time and they are human beings just like you and me; they want to go home and spend time with their family or simply rest. Ever wondered how it really feels like when someone violates your privacy? Here is the answer:
  11. DO NOT be a bully and that includes moral and physical violence or harassment.